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In Situ Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Ti Powder for Strengthening of Ti Matrix Composite via Nanotube-Particle Dual Morphology

  • Li, S. F.
  • Cui, J. Y.
  • Yang, L. F.
  • Yang, Y. F.
  • Misra, R. D. K.
  • Zheng, R.
  • Zuo, T. T.
  • Gao, Z. S.
  • Huang, Z. T.
Publication Date
Sep 12, 2020
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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In situsynthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on Ti powder decorated with Ni catalyst enabled us to obtain a high-quality CNTs/Ti composite powderviafluidized bed chemical vapor deposition (FBCVD) process. The composite powder was characterized by a combination of high structural integrity and uniform dispersion of CNTs, which is not obtained by traditional ball-milling route. These advantages enabled the retention of CNTs in the near-fully dense titanium matrix composite (TMC), together with the uniform dispersion of TiC particles. The CNTs and TiC particles coordinated with each other and contributed to a synergistic effect involving load transfer from the matrix to CNTs and dispersion strengthening of TiC particles. The nanotube-particle-reinforced TMC exhibited superior mechanical properties in comparison to single-phase-reinforced TMCs. The catalytic behavior of Ni,controllablesynthesis of CNTs,theretention behavior of CNTs, and the formation mechanism of TiC particles during the sintering process are discussed in detail. Graphic

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