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Site-specific ribosomal DNA insertion elements in Anopheles gambiae and A. arabiensis: nucleotide sequence of gene-element boundaries.

  • S M Paskewitz
  • F H Collins
Publication Date
Oct 25, 1989


The nucleotide sequence of the junctions between the 28S ribosomal gene and site-specific insertion elements from two sibling mosquito species, Anopheles gambiae and A. arabiensis, is reported. In both species, elements insert at the same point within the 28S gene, but this site is 634 basepairs (bp) 3' of the R1 (Type I) insertion site in Drosophila melanogaster. The two mosquito elements each have poly A tails and a polyadenylation signal, but the extreme 3' and 5' ends show no other similarity to each other or to any other insertion element. In both mosquito species, identical target site duplications of 17 bp are generated. The sequence TNTCCCTNT found in this duplication is also found in the 14 bp target site duplications that flank R1 elements in D. melanogaster. Another sequence in this duplication, GGGATAACT, is very similar to the sequence GGGAGTAACT found in the 24 base sequence required by the Bombyx mori R2 endonuclease.

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