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Sistematização da implementação de tecnologia assistiva para o contexto educacional

  • Nickel, Elton Moura
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Jan 01, 2012
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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This thesis fits into the context of educational administration, with the goal of developing systematization to manage the implementation of Assistive Technology (AT) directed to the demand of students with disabilities enrolled in regular educational network in Brazil. For the systematization development, the method used during the survey was the case study, this being implemented in Florianopolis city municipal educational network. After performing a literature review connected to the related fields of study, use has been made of semi-structured interviews with people involved in the context of use of AT, with questionnaires as the main research instrument. From the knowledge of process modeling and understanding of different points of view related to the implementation of AT actually studied, we could generate a list of requirements for developing a new system of management. The result was the development of SATI (Systematization for Assistive Technology Implementation), described by stages, activities, tasks and support resources needed to guide the work of managers in the field of education and caregivers of students with disabilities. It was concluded that, only with the integration of all components contained in SATI, a project of educational inclusion based on the development of AT may be successful.

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