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Sistemática para a integração do planejamento do produto com o planejamento de tecnologias para eletrodomésticos

  • Inthamoussu, Emiliana Margarita Rodrigue...
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Jan 01, 2015
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : Companies plan their market position, including new technologies development in order to guarantee the market share and the strategic planning established growth.The use of new technologies in products is a complex process, that involves several activities, requires intense validations, impacting, in many cases, in long development schedules. In other words, in order to have the technology incorporated into a product, it needs to be mature, that means, present the performance required by project team, with affordable cost.In this scenario, where launch schedules tend to be shorter, project teams smaller and project specifications more exigent, the integration between two phases of product development process becomes more important: product planning (where technologies to be incorporated to future products are established) and project planning (where necessary activities to develop and implement technologies in product launches are defined).Considering this context, the present work aims to present a systematic to allow a higher integration between product planning and project planning phases, contributing to support companies in the process of new technologies development and implementation into new products, making possible development time and cost reduction.To reach this objective, literature for product planning, project planning, technology development and technology transference were reviewed. Household appliances experienced professionals were also consulted, through case study, and valuable subsidies for understanding and build a product planning and project planning phases integration proposal were collected.With the collected information and knowledge development, a proposal for a systematic for product planning with project planning phases integrity focused on technology development for household appliances was presented. This systematic presents an activity sequence and a set of methods and tools that aim to support the referred phases integration. The systematic is based on tools as the technology roadmap and the Technology Readiness Level. At the end, to evaluate the systematic, an application with product development experts from different companies located in the north of Santa Catarina (Brazil) state was done and results showed that the proposal can successfully address difficulties found in companies.

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