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Single wall carbon nanotube growth from bimetallic nanoparticles : a parametric study of the synthesis up to potential application in nano-electronics.

  • Forel, Salomé
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Dec 06, 2017
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This manuscript presents an experimental study around the single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) synthesis and their possible integration in nanodevices. The unique electronic and optical properties of carbon nanotubes make them a choice material for various applications, particularly in nano-electronics.Nevertheless, their integration in effective devices is still a challenge. This is mainly due to the difficulty to obtain large quantity of SWCNT with uniform properties, defined by their structure (i.e. chiral angle and diameter). Therefore, structure controlled growth of SWCNTs is a key point for progress in this field.Here, we established a new synthesis approach based on coordination chemistry and hot-filament chemical vapor deposition. This approach allows the design of various bimetallic catalyst nanoparticles for the SWCNT growth. As the synthesis process is generic, parametric study can be performed in order to better understand the influence of the various parameters on the structure of the as-grown SWCNTs. In particular, we will discuss the role of the growth temperature and the chemical composition of the catalyst on the final SWCNTs structure. The obtained SWCNTs are mainly characterized by Raman spectroscopy and electronic microscopy.In order to validate the observations performed by Raman measurement, the synthesized SWCNTs have been also integrated in field effect transistors (FET) devices. An analysis of the performance of the FET-device as a function of the SWCNTs used in its channel will be presented.Finally, SWCNTs integrated in these transistors have been functionalized with an inorganic chromophore of ruthenium.We demonstrate that the functionalization of the SWCNTs leads to a three order of magnitude reversible switch of the device conductivity triggered by visible light.

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