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Single-cycle kinetics for QCM biosensors for high throughput nanoparticle characterization application

  • Boström, Fredrik
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Jan 01, 2016
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Characterizing nanoparticles to be able to understand how they functions in the body is important for development of drugs. Furthermore with increasing number of nanoparticle product the nanotoxicity of nanoparticles is important to understand. This report is a part of the EU-project Nanoclassifier which purpose is to “develop a cost effective, high throughput screening platform for characterization of the bionanointerface and its cell-binding partners”. Single-cycle kinetic was used to determine the number of binding epitopes on polystyrene nanoparticle with transferrin corona. The number of available epitopes describes how active the Nanoparticle will be in the body. For this purpose Single-cycle kinetic methodology was successfully used on nanoparticles. Single-cycle kinetic methodology has great potential to become the standard method for high throughput nanoparticle epitope characterization.

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