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Simultaneous multi-frequency observation of the unknown redshift blazar PG 1553+113 in March-April 2008

  • Aleksić, J.
  • Anderhub, H.
  • Antonelli, L. A.
  • Antoranz, P.
  • Backes, M.
  • Baixeras, C.
  • Balestra, S.
  • Barrio, J. A.
  • Bastieri, D.
  • González, J. Becerra
  • Becker, J. K.
  • Bednarek, W.
  • Berdyugin, A.
  • Berger, K.
  • Bernardini, E.
  • Biland, A.
  • Bock, R. K.
  • Bonnoli, G.
  • Bordas, P.
  • Tridon, D. Borla
  • And 143 more
Published Article
Publication Date
Jun 21, 2010
Submission Date
Nov 05, 2009
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/200913607
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The blazar PG 1553+113 is a well known TeV gamma-ray emitter. In this paper, we determine its spectral energy distribution using simultaneous multi-frequency data in order to study its emission processes. An extensive campaign was carried out between March and April 2008, where optical, X-ray, high-energy (HE) gamma-ray, and very-high-energy (VHE) gamma-ray data were obtained with the KVA, Abastumani, REM, RossiXTE/ASM, AGILE and MAGIC telescopes, respectively. This is the first simultaneous broad-band (i.e., HE+VHE) gamma-ray observation, though AGILE did not detect the source. We combine data to derive source's spectral energy distribution and interpret its double peaked shape within the framework of a synchrotron self compton model

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