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Simplifying Coreference Chains for Dyslexic Children

  • Todirascu, Amalia
  • Wilkens, Rodrigo
Publication Date
May 13, 2020
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This work aims to generate adapted content for dyslexic children for French, in the context of the ALECTOR project. Thus, we developed a system to adapt texts at the discourse level. This system modifies coreference chains, which are markers of text cohesion, by using rules. These rules were designed following a careful study of coreference chains in both original and simplified text versions. Moreover, aiming to evaluate the reliability of the proposed transformation rules, we analysed several coreference properties as well as the concurrent simplification operations in the aligned texts. This information is coded together with a coref-erence resolution system and a text rewritten tool. The proposed system comprises a coreference module specialised in written text and seven text transformation operations. Firstly, we evaluate the text simplification results by manual validation of three judges. The identified errors were grouped into five classes that combined can explain 93% of the errors. The second evaluation step consisted of measuring the simplification perception by 23 judges, which allow us to measure the simplification impact of the proposed rules.

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