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Simple, Efficient and Convenient Decentralized Multi-Task Learning for Neural Networks

  • Bouchra Pilet, Amaury
  • Frey, Davide
  • Taïani, François
Publication Date
Nov 22, 2019
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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Artificial intelligence relying on machine learning is increasingly used on small, personal, network-connected devices such as smartphones and vocal assistants, and these applications will likely evolve with the development of the Internet of Things. The learning process requires a lot of data, often real users’ data, and computing power. Decentralized machine learning can help to protect users’ privacy by keeping sensitive training data on users’ devices, and has the potential to alleviate the cost born by service providers by off-loading some of the learning effort to user devices. Unfortunately, most approaches proposed so far for distributed learning with neural network are mono-task, and do not transfer easily to multi-tasks problems, for which users seek to solve related but distinct learning tasks and the few existing multi-task approaches have serious limitations. In this paper, we propose a novel learning method for neural networks that is decentralized, multitask, and keeps users’ data local. Our approach works with different learning algorithms, on various types of neural networks. We formally analyze the convergence of our method, and we evaluateits efficiency in different situations on various kind of neural networks, with different learning algorithms, thus demonstrating its benefits in terms of learning quality and convergence.

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