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Silício como mitigador da deficiência de potássio em feijoeiro

  • Sarah, Marcilene Machado dos Santos
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Jun 08, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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Undetected potassium (K) deficiency is common in bean plants. Although silicon (Si) supplied via nutrient solution (roots) or foliar application may alleviate the resulting stress, it remains unknown in this species. This pioneering study aimed to determine the best source and concentration of leaf-applied Si, and whether providing it via nutrient solution and foliar application is efficient in alleviating K deficiency stress in bean plants. To that end, two experiments were conducted in a greenhouse with bean plants grown in a hydroponic system. Due to the lack of reliable information for the bean plant, a preliminary study aimed at determining the best leaf-applied source and concentration of Si. The second experiment used a completely randomized 2x3 factorial design, with deficient (0.2 mmol L-1 of K) and sufficient potassium solution (6 mmol L-1 of K), Si supplied via nutrient solution (2 mmol L-1 of Si), foliar application (5.36 mmol L -1 of Si) and controls (0 mmol L-1 of Si), and 4 repetitions. Physiological, nutritional and plant growth parameters were measured. Foliar spraying with Si was agronomically feasible for the bean plant, with silicate of sodium and potassium stabilized at a concentration of 5.36 mmol L -1 . K deficiency without the addition of Si compromised plant growth. Si mitigated K deficiency stress in the bean plant due to enhanced nutritional, physiological and growth variables, underscoring Si supply via nutrient solution over foliar application, although the latter also attenuated K deficiency.

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