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Ser ou não ser gaúcho?: a perspectiva do sujeito campeiro contemporâneo no pampa latino-americano

  • Ferraro, Eduardo Hector
Publication Date
Dec 01, 2018
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : The contemporary subjects of the Pampa and the South of Brazil express themselves in diverse forms, between the symbolic and the real, and between multiplicities, product of social and geopolitical adaptations through history. In a significant majority, these humans have an intense relationship with the campaign represented by the Latin American Pampa and also with the animals that have become emblematic in this environment, such as the horse, the dog and the cattle. These subjects have a reciprocal relationship with the environment formed by native soil and its natural species, configuring something beyond identities. In this way, it is itself a way of conceptualizing life, from its ontological configuration in the environment. The transformations promoted by technology, science, market economy and food production affected the campaign and, consequently, the beings, transforming these subjects. This is an ethnography that deals with the constitution of the contemporary subjects and their perspective based on the relationship and reciprocity with the environment, their ontological formation, their way of conceptualizing and seeing life.

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