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Sequence characterization of Tetrahymena macronuclear DNA ends.

  • R Yokoyama
  • M C Yao
Publication Date
Mar 11, 1986
  • Biology


Tetrahymena is a ciliated protozoan which has two nuclei: a micronucleus, which maintains the genetic continuity of the cell, and the macronucleus which is derived from the micronucleus after sexual conjugation. A macronuclear DNA library was constructed to contain DNA ends. A probe containing C4A2 repeats which are known to be present at macronuclear DNA ends (1) was used to screen the library. Three clones were characterized by sequencing, restriction enzyme mapping and Bal 31 digestion. The data indicate that these three clones represent macronuclear DNA ends which were generated by DNA fragmentation during macronuclear formation. The sequencing data at the C4A2 repeat junction show a conserved sequence of five nucleotides, TTATT. Sequences further away show no obvious homologies except that they are highly enriched in AT. This structure is quite different from the subtelomeric sequences of other organisms.

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