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Separation of Two Types of Electrogenic H+-Pumping ATPases from Oat Roots 1

  • Kathleen A. Churchill
  • Barbara Holaway
  • Heven Sze
Publication Date
Dec 01, 1983
  • Communication


Microsomal vesicles of oat roots (Avena sativa var Lang) were separated with a linear dextran (0.5-10%, w/w) or sucrose (25-45%, w/w) gradient to determine the types and membrane identity of proton-pumping ATPases associated with plant membranes. ATPase activity stimulated by the H+/K+ exchange ionophore nigericin exhibited two peaks of activity on a linear dextran gradient. ATPase activities or ATP-generated membrane potential (inside positive), monitored by SCN− distribution, included a vanadate-insensitive and a vanadate-sensitive component. In a previous communication, we reported that ATP-dependent pH gradient formation (acid inside), monitored by quinacrine fluorescence quenching, was also partially inhibited by vanadate (Churchill and Sze 1983 Plant Physiol 71: 610-617). Here we show that the vanadate-insensitive, electrogenic ATPase activity was enriched in the low density vesicles (1-4% dextran or 25-32% sucrose) while the vanadate-sensitive activity was enriched at 4% to 7% dextran or 32% to 37% sucrose. The low-density ATPase was stimulated by Cl− and inhibited by NO−3 or 4,4′-diisothiocyano-2,2′-stilbene disulfonic acid (DIDS). The distribution of Cl−-stimulated ATPase activity in a linear dextran gradient correlated with the distribution of H+ pumping into vesicles as monitored by [14C]methylamine accumulation. The vanadate-inhibited ATPase was mostly insensitive to anions or DIDS and stimulated by K+. These results show that microsomal vesicles of plant tissues have at least two types of electrogenic, proton-pumping ATPases. The vanadate-insensitive and Cl−-stimulated, H+-pumping ATPase may be enriched in vacuolar-type membranes; the H+-pumping ATPase that is stimulated by K+ and inhibited by vanadate is most likely associated with plasma membrane-type vesicles.

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