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Sentidos e imagens do patrimônio cultural em Erechim/RS na iminência de sua preservação institucional

  • Prestes, Simone Litwin
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Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : This dissertation is the result of a field research conducted during the ongoing cultural heritage preservation process in the city of Erechim/RS. The heritage preservation policy is addressed through its stages: production, protection and reception of the goods set, in a process that has generated different opinions, desires and actions among citizens. This work emphasizes the Wooden Architecture and the heritage field agents. The wooden buildings are analyzed as a synthesis between the concepts of tangible (material) and intangible (immaterial) heritage, inasmuch as they preserve an image that refers to the city's past, they are representative of the way Italian immigrants used to build and are involved in social relationships # practices, family ties and memories # that humanize them and ensure their conservation and permanence, despite transformations in urban space. The senses of preservation and tipping equity are problematized based on a wooden building that was researched in depth, the Rigoni Family House. The actions of different heritage field agents are addressed through the heritage as a city brand and the heritage as everyday experience, besides, is highlight the importance of tourism activity aggregate to municipal heritage preservation policy.

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