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Semiconductor-based electron flying qubits: Review on recent progress accelerated by numerical modelling

  • Edlbauer, Hermann
  • Wang, Junliang
  • Crozes, Thierry
  • Perrier, Pierre
  • Ouacel, Seddik
  • Geffroy, Clément
  • Georgiou, Giorgos
  • Chatzikyriakou, Eleni
  • Lacerda-Santos, Antonio
  • Waintal, Xavier
  • Glattli, D. Christian
  • Roulleau, Preden
  • Nath, Jayshankar
  • Kataoka, Masaya
  • Splettstoesser, Janine
  • Acciai, Matteo
  • Figueira, Maria Cecilia da Silva
  • Öztas, Kemal
  • Trellakis, Alex
  • Grange, Thomas
  • And 3 more
Published Article
Publication Date
Jul 04, 2022
Submission Date
Jul 04, 2022
DOI: 10.1140/epjqt/s40507-022-00139-w
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The progress of charge manipulation in semiconductor-based nanoscale devices opened up a novel route to realise a flying qubit with a single electron. In the present review, we introduce the concept of these electron flying qubits, discuss their most promising realisations and show how numerical simulations are applicable to accelerate experimental development cycles. Addressing the technological challenges of flying qubits that are currently faced by academia and quantum enterprises, we underline the relevance of interdisciplinary cooperation to move emerging quantum industry forward. The review consists of two main sections: Pathways towards the electron flying qubit: We address three routes of single-electron transport in GaAs-based devices focusing on surface acoustic waves, hot-electron emission from quantum dot pumps and Levitons. For each approach, we discuss latest experimental results and point out how numerical simulations facilitate engineering the electron flying qubit. Numerical modelling of quantum devices: We review the full stack of numerical simulations needed for fabrication of the flying qubits. Choosing appropriate models, examples of basic quantum mechanical simulations are explained in detail. We discuss applications of open-source (KWANT) and the commercial (nextnano) platforms for modelling the flying qubits. The discussion points out the large relevance of software tools to design quantum devices tailored for efficient operation.

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