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Semi-weekly monitoring of the performance and attitude of Kepler using a sparse set of targets

  • Hema, Chandrasekaran
  • Jon M, Jenkins
  • Jie Li
  • Forrest R, Girouard
  • Joseph Twicken
  • Douglas Caldwell
  • Christopher, Allen
  • Stephen T, Bryson
  • Todd C, Klaus
  • Miles T, Cote
  • Brett A, Stroozas
  • Jennifer R, Hall
  • Khadeejah, Ibrahim
Publication Date
Jul 15, 2010
SETI Institute


The Kepler spacecraft is in a heliocentric Earth-trailing orbit, continuously observing~ 160,000 select stars over~ 115 square degrees of sky using its photometer containing 42 highly sensitive CCDs. The science data from these stars, consisting of~ 6 million pixels at 29.4-minute intervals, is downlinked only every~ 30 days. Additional low- rate Xband communications contacts are conducted with the spacecraft twice a week to downlink a small subset of the science data. This paper describes how we assess and ...

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