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Selection of a Similarity Measure Combination for a Wide Range of Multimodal Image Registration Cases

  • Uss, Mikhail L.
  • Vozel, Benoit
  • Abramov, Sergey K.
  • Chehdi, Kacem
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2020.2992597
OAI: oai:HAL:hal-02948495v1
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Many similarity measures (SMs) were proposed to measure the similarity between multimodal remote sensing (RS) images. Each SM is efficient to a different degree in different registration cases (we consider visible-to-infrared, visible-to-radar, visible-to-digital elevation model (DEM), and radar-to-DEM ones), but no SM was shown to outperform all other SMs in all cases. In this article, we investigate the possibility of deriving a more powerful SM by combining two or more existing SMs. This combined SM relies on a binary linear support vector machine (SVM) classifier trained using real RS images. In the general registration case, we order SMs according to their impact on the combined SM performance. The three most important SMs include two structural SMs based on modality independent neighborhood descriptor (MIND) and scale-invariant feature transform-octave (SIFT-OCT) descriptors and one area-based logarithmic likelihood ratio (logLR) SM: the former ones are more robust to structural changes of image intensity between registered modes, the latter one is to image noise. Importantly, we demonstrate that a single combined SM can be applied in the general case as well as in each particular considered registration case. As compared to existing multimodal SMs, the proposed combined SM [based on five existing SMs, namely, MIND, logLR, SIFT-OCT, phase correlation (PC), histogram of orientated phase congruency (HOPC)] increases the area under the curve (AUC) by from 1% to 21%. From a practical point of view, we demonstrate that complex multimodal image pairs can be successfully registered with the proposed combined SM, while existing single SMs fail to detect enough correspondences for registration. Our results demonstrate that MIND, SIFT, and logLR SMs capture essential aspects of the similarity between RS modes, and their properties are complementary for designing a new more efficient multimodal SM. Index Terms-Area-based similarity measure (SM), combined SM, linear binary classifier, multimodal image registration , remote sensing (RS), structural similarity, support vector machine (SVM).

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