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A seleção para o trabalho e sua interface escolar : uma análise marxista

  • Ale, Maria Beatriz Sandoval Filártiga
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Sep 10, 2019
Repositório Digital Institucional da UFPR
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Abstract: This paper, under the Marxist view, deals with the Institution's selective role for insertion of individuals in the working world. While writing it, we analyzed the way that students were selected, mainly entrance exams at the public universities, which we will call technical selection. We tried to unveil its characteristic and its role in the institutions, according to a Brazilian social-economical context This paper presents some aspects coarsening the State and the School roles in a Capitalistic society, under which, panel discussions have been held and in which distinguishable theoreticians are taking part in, while debating the theme Education and Work, under the historical materialism. So we have proposed Karl Marx's analyses and his main followers Engels and Lenin as the main core of interlocution. To analyse the social selection and its scholastic interface, in the contemporary scenario of production re-structures and neoliberal politics, we adopted, as reference, some researchers'critical analyses which deal with Brazilian reality while compared to the dimension of the capitalistc world. Finally we present an analysis of French researchers such as Bordieu and Passeron, about the relationship between the social structure of classes and the teaching/learning system. In order to do both write this paper and attend to the realization of a concrete work, we empirically investigated students' selection process which was used by the High School which belongs to the Federal University of Parana in courses such as Data Processing Technology and Informatics Technology from 2000 to 2002. We came to the conclusion that students'public entrance examinations in Institutions which offer professional formation at present serve as an objective instrument for the social relation; this happens at the same time that this selective feature is dissimulated. Understanding Marxist precepts is a must so as to understand the relationship between work and education, as one of the strategies to overcome present social situation. This paper started as a kind of motivation to add to the debate which is going on about this relationship goals.

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