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Search for Low-energy Electron Antineutrinos in KamLAND Associated with Gravitational Wave Events

  • Abe, S
  • Asami, S
  • Gando, A
  • Gando, Y
  • Gima, T
  • Goto, A
  • Hachiya, T
  • Hata, K
  • Hayashida, S
  • Hosokawa, K
  • Ichimura, K
  • Ieki, S
  • Ikeda, H
  • Inoue, K
  • Ishidoshiro, K
  • Kamei, Y
  • Kawada, N
  • Kishimoto, Y
  • Kinoshita, T
  • Koga, M
  • And 49 more
Publication Date
Mar 10, 2021
eScholarship - University of California
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We present the results of a search for MeV-scale electron antineutrino events in KamLAND coincident with the 60 gravitational wave events/candidates reported by the LIGO/Virgo collaboration during their second and third observing runs. We find no significant coincident signals within a 500 s timing window from each gravitational wave and present 90% C.L. upper limits on the electron antineutrino fluence between 108 and 1013 cm-2 for neutrino energies in the energy range of 1.8-111 MeV.

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