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Search for Long-Lived Particles in ATLAS with Displaced Vertex Signatures in Multi-Jet-Triggered Events

  • Rousso, David
  • collaboration, atlas
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Nov 16, 2022
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Higgs portal dark sector models propose that dark matter lives in a "dark sector" (DS), potentially with higher generation particles, which due to their mass couples to the standard model (SM) via the Higgs. These higher generation DS particles could have long lifetimes if their coupling is weak. Until fairly recently, ATLAS has been relatively blind to particles beyond the standard model (BSM) that do not decay promptly, due to assumptions built into the tracking algorithms. However with the development of large-radius tracking we are now able to explore this new area of phase space. The ATLAS DV+Jets analysis is one of such efforts, searching for displaced vertex signatures caused by when these long-lived BSM particles finally decay into charged standard model tracks in the inner detector, in events that have been triggered by jets. The analysis is made to be as general as possible to be able to be sensitive to both supersymmetry and Higgs portal model interpretations.

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