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SDN Controller Placement and Switch Assignment for Low Power IoT

  • choumas, kostas
  • giatsios, dimitris
  • flegkas, paris
  • korakis, thanasis
Publication Date
Feb 13, 2020
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Software defined networking (SDN) complements low power Internet of Things (IoT), since the former offers dynamicity and the latter is susceptible to environmental changes. The SDN controller placement refers to the selection of the IoT sensors running the controllers, while the switch assignment is the process of mapping each sensor to a controller. Both choices affect the volume of the control traffic, a significant metric in low power wireless IoT networks where bandwidth is scarce or energy consumption is important. In this paper, we model an optimization problem for minimum control traffic, assess its complexity and devise a set of heuristic algorithms for expediting its solution. We initially present a fast and simple heuristic algorithm, which is then extended to two iterative algorithms with even better performance at the cost of time complexity. Our simulations and testbed experimentation reveal close to optimal performance of all heuristic solutions with significantly less computation time than explicitly solving the optimization problem. At the end, we provide insights for further enhancements of these heuristics with a bias for minimum control delay.

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