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Scheduling in a single-server with state-dependent service rates

  • Ayesta, Urtzi
  • Prabhu, Balakrishna
  • Righter, Rhonda
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May 02, 2018
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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We consider single-server scheduling to minimize holding costs where the capacity, or rate of service, depends on the number of jobs in the system, and job sizes become known upon arrival. In general, this is a hard problem, and counter-intuitive behavior can occur. For example, even with linear holding costs the optimal policy may be something other than SRPT or LRPT, it may idle, and it may depend on the arrival rate. We first establish an equivalence between our problem of deciding which jobs to serve when completed jobs immediately leave, and a problem in which we have the option to hold on to completed jobs and can choose when to release them, and in which we always serve jobs according to SRPT. We thus reduce the problem to determining the release times of completed jobs. For the clearing, or transient system, where all jobs are present at time 0, we give a complete characterization of the optimal policy and show that it is fully determined by the cost-to-capacity ratio. With arrivals, the problem is much more complicated, and we can obtain only partial results. We show that if the cost-to-capacity ratio is linear, then all non-idling policies yield the same average cost. We further characterize the optimal policy in some special cases. For example, we show that as long as capacity is increasing in the number of jobs, LRPT stochastically minimizes the mean busy period.

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