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Sagittal alignment in an MR-TRUS fusion biopsy using only the prostate contour in the axial image

  • Igarasihi, Riki1
  • Koizumi, Norihiro1
  • Nishiyama, Yu1
  • Tomita, Kyohei1
  • Shigenari, Yuka1
  • Shoji, Sunao2
  • 1 The University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan , Chofu (Japan)
  • 2 Tokai University Hachioji Hospital, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan , Hachioji (Japan)
Published Article
Springer International Publishing
Publication Date
Jan 15, 2020
DOI: 10.1186/s40648-020-0155-9
Springer Nature


PurposeThis paper examines the feasibility of automated alignment in sagittal direction in MR-TRUS fusion biopsy of the prostate by comparing the prostate contour in axial images between different modalities. In the treatment of prostate cancer, an important factor affecting the prognosis of patients is focal therapy of cancer within the prostate. Therefore, MR-TRUS fusion biopsy of the prostate is attracting attention as one of the most effective localization techniques. Because the accuracy of this biopsy is highly dependent on the doctor performing it, automation should reduce variability in diagnostic performance.MethodThe MR image is scaled to the same scale as the TRUS image, and the contours of the prostate on the MR and TRUS images are compared in polar coordinates. In addition, this method makes it possible to perform a robust comparison against deformation by comparing specific angle ranges. It is also possible to improve the accuracy of error calculation by accumulating contour data.ResultThe axial image selected by the proposed method using the prostate contour obtained from the doctor-labeled segmentation image has an error of about 4 mm in the sagittal direction on average compared to the axial image selected by the doctor did. Furthermore, using the inaccurate prostate contours obtained by performing segmentation with U-Net only slightly reduced the accuracy. In addition, it was found that alignment accuracy is improved by using the angler weight.ConclusionIt has been shown that sagittal alignment can be performed with some degree of accuracy using only axial images. Also, the angular weight values used indicate that when comparing axial images, it may be an important factor in determining the same axial cross section to compare the parts that deform due to probe pressure.

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