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Rough Sets Based on Reducts of Conditional Attributes in Medical Classification of the Diagnosis Status

  • Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
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Rough sets constitute helpful mathematical tools of the classification of objects belonging to a certain universe when dividing the universe in two collections filled with sure and possible members. In this work we adopt the rough technique to verify diagnostic decisions concerning a sample of patients whose symptoms are typical of a considered diagnosis. The objective is to extract the patients who surely suffer from the diagnosis, to indicate the patients who are free from it, and even to make decisions in undefined diagnostic cases. We also consider a decisive power of reducts being minimal collections of symptoms, which preserve the previous classification results. We use them in order to minimize a number of numerical calculations in the classification process. Finally, by testing influence of symptom intensity levels on the diagnosis indisputable appearance we select these standards, whose either presence or absence in the patients allows us to add complementary remarks making the classification effects even more readable.

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