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Rotational Periods of very Young Brown Dwarfs in ChaI

  • Joergens, V.
  • Fernandéz, Matilde
  • Neuhäuser, Ralph
  • Guenther, Eike
Publication Date
Jun 10, 2002
Submission Date
Jun 10, 2002
arXiv ID: astro-ph/0206137
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A photometric monitoring campaign of brown dwarfs in the ChaI star forming region in the i and R band revealed significant periodic variations of the three M6.5-M7 type brown dwarf candidates ChaHa2, 3 and 6 (Joergens et al. 2002). These are the first rotational periods for very young (1-5 Myr) brown dwarfs and among the first rotational periods for brown dwarfs at all. The relatively long periods of 2.2 to 3.4 days as well as vsini values (Joergens & Guenther 2001) indicate that our targets are moderately fast rotators in contrast to very rapidly rotating old brown dwarfs. The periods for the ChaI brown dwarf candidates provide valuable data points in an as yet, in terms of rotational characteristic, almost unexplored region of the age-mass diagram. A comparison with rotational properties of older brown dwarfs indicates that most of the acceleration during the contraction phase takes place within the first 30 Myr or less of the lifetime of a brown dwarf. We have also determined periods for the two M5-M5.5 type very low-mass stars B34 and CHXR78C.

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