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Rotating Winds from Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic Variables: Eclipse Modeling of V347 Puppis

  • Shlosman, Isaac
  • Vitello, Peter
  • Mauche, Christopher W.
Publication Date
Nov 01, 1995
Submission Date
Nov 01, 1995
DOI: 10.1086/177066
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We study the eclipsing nova-like variable V347 Pup by matching its UV emission line profiles in and out of eclipse to synthetic lines using a 3D kinematic and radiation transfer model. Our results support the accretion disk origin of winds in non-magnetic CVs as opposite to the WD origin. Our main point concerns the importance of rotation for the UV emission line shapes in such systems. In particular, we show that the narrowing of the UV emission lines in V347 Pup during eclipse can be easily explained by the eclipse of the innermost part of the wind by the secondary and the resulting reduction in the contribution of rotational broadening to the width of the lines. During the eclipse, the residual line flux is very sensitive to the maximal temperature of disk radiation. Good fits for reasonable mass-loss rates have been obtained for maximum disk temperatures of 50,000 degrees. This constraint was imposed either by leveling off the inner disk temperature profiles, in agreement with recent observations of some nova-like objects, or by assuming that the accretion disk does not extend to the surface of the white dwarf, in which case V347 up would be an intermediate polar. In anticipation of high-speed spectrophotometry of CVs by the HST, we provide numerical model of a time-resolved eclipse of V347 Pup or similar such system to be verified by future observations.

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