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Rotary reactor and use thereof:

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The invention relates to a rotary reactor consisting of a number of tubular reaction compartments (A), each provided with a first end and a second end, a ceramic first reactor end plate (B) in which said first ends are received, and a second end plate (B) in which said second ends are received, which end plates (B, B) are further provided with means for supplying and/or discharging gases, and wherein against the first end plate a first ceramic flange (D) is arranged of the same material as said first end plate (B), which flange (D) is provided with openings for supply and discharges of gases, which openings correspond at least partly to openings in said first end plate (B), and wherein the assembly of flange (D) and said first end plate (B, B) are disposed against each other under pressure while rotating relative to each other.


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