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Rolling resistance : basic information and state-of-the-art on measurement methods. Final version

  • Sandberg, Ulf
  • Hammarström, Ulf
  • Haider, Manfred
  • Conter, Marco
  • Goubert, Luc
  • Bergiers, Anneleen
  • Glaeser, Klaus-Peter
  • Schwalbe, Gernot
  • Zöller, Marek
  • Boujard, Olivier
  • Karlsson, Rune
  • Ejsmont, Jerzy A.
  • Wang, T
  • Harvey, J.T.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2011
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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MIRIAM has established a sub-project (SP), designated SP 1, to deal with measurement methods for rolling resistance and related issues. This subject forms the most fundamental basis for the MIRIAM ambition to consider rolling resistance in pavement management or other types of infrastructure systems. Without robust measurement methods and equipment that can use them there will be no reliable data as input to such systems and the end result will be most uncertain, if useful at all. In order to develop and study measurement methods, there must be a basic understanding of the influencing parameters as well as what energy losses that should be included in the concept of rolling resistance. These issues are, therefore, important parts of the work in SP 1. This report is intended to provide basic knowledge about the part of the tyre and road interaction which relates to rolling resistance; for example, the mechanisms that create rolling resistance, and the influence on rolling resistance of various tyre and road parameters. The intention is also to suggest a definition of rolling resistance for the purposes of this project, as well as to provide some detailed state-of-the-art knowledge about the measurement methods and equipment that are useful for collecting rolling resistance data.

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