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RNA polymerase I transcription on nucleosomal templates: the transcription termination factor TTF-I induces chromatin remodeling and relieves transcriptional repression.

  • G Längst
  • T A Blank
  • P B Becker
  • I Grummt
Publication Date
Feb 17, 1997
  • Biology


Eukaryotic ribosomal gene promoters are preceded by a terminator element which is recognized by the transcription termination factor TTF-I. We have studied the function of this promoter-proximal terminator and show that binding of TTF-I is the key event which leads to ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling and transcriptional activation of mouse rDNA pre-assembled into chromatin. We have analyzed TTF-I mutants for their ability to bind to free or nucleosomal DNA, and show that the DNA binding domain of TTF-I on its own is not sufficient for interaction with chromatin, indicating that specific protein features exist that endow a transcription factor with chromatin binding and remodeling properties. This first analysis of RNA polymerase I transcription in chromatin provides a clue for the function of the upstream terminator and establishes a dual role for TTF-I both as a termination factor and a chromatin-specific transcription activator.

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