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RMS Anisotropy in the COBE-DMR Four-Year Sky Maps

  • Banday, A. J.
  • Gorski, K. M.
  • Bennett, C. L.
  • Hinshaw, G.
  • Kogut, A.
  • Lineweaver, C.
  • Smoot, G. F.
  • Tenorio, L.
Published Article
Publication Date
Jan 11, 1996
Submission Date
Jan 11, 1996
DOI: 10.1086/303585
arXiv ID: astro-ph/9601065
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The sky-RMS is the simplest model-independent characterization of a cosmological anisotropy signal. The RMS temperature fluctuations determined from the $COBE$-DMR four-year sky maps are frequency independent, consistent with the hypothesis that they are cosmological in origin, with a typical amplitude at 7 degrees of ~ 35 \pm\ 2 uK and at 10 degrees of ~29 \pm\ 1 uK. A joint analysis of the 7 deg and 10 deg "cross"-RMS derived from the data in both Galactic and Ecliptic coordinates is used to determine the RMS quadrupole normalization, $Q_{rms-PS}$, for a scale-invariant Harrison-Zel'dovich power law model. The difference in the inferred normalizations either including or excluding the quadrupole is a consequence of the sensitivity of the method to the Galaxy contaminated observed sky quadrupole. Whilst there are variations depending on the data selection, all results are consistent with an inferred \qrms\ normalization of ~18 \pm\ 2 uK.

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