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Righting the Misperceptions of Men Having Sex with Men: A Pre-Requisite for Protecting and Understanding Gender Incongruence in Vietnam

  • Nguyen, Van
  • Nguyen, Ngoc
  • Khuat, Thu
  • Nguyen, Phuong
  • Do, Thu
  • Vu, Xuan
  • Tran, Kien
  • Ho, Manh
  • Nguyen, Hong
  • Vuong, Thu
  • Vuong, Quan
Publication Date
Jan 17, 2019
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and (iii) their attitudes and behaviors towards MSM and transgenders. One of the notable findings is how prevalent the misperceptions are across the board, namely, in staff of both sexes, in both cities, at various kinds of medical facilities, at different work positions and educational levels. Half of the respondents consider transgenders to have a curable mental problem while 45% say MSM only have sex with males. Most remarkably, 12.7% state if they have any choice, they want nothing to do with MSM and transgenders. The study finds there is a considerable percentage of health professionals who lack knowledge about the diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, and health issues related to the sexual minorities and gender non-conforming population. To improve the clinical process for serving these at-risk groups, the study suggests the continual education for the health workers needs to be added to their formal as well as in-job training.

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