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The rich cluster of galaxies abcg 85. 3. Analyzing the abcg 85/87/89 complex

  • Durret, F.
  • Forman, W.
  • Gerbal, D.
  • Jones, C.
  • Vikhlinin, A.
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1998
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We present a combined X-ray and optical analysis of the ABCG 85/87/89 complex of clusters of galaxies, based on the ROSAT PSPC image, optical photometric catalogues (Slezak et al. 1998), and an optical redshift catalogue (Durret et al. 1998). From this combined data set, we find striking alignments at all scales at PA$\simeq$160\deg. At small scales, the cD galaxy in ABCG 85 and the brightest galaxies in the cluster are aligned along this PA. At a larger scale, X-ray emission defines a comparable PA south-southeast of ABCG 85 towards ABCG 87, with a patchy X-ray structure very different from the regular shape of the optical galaxy distribution in ABCG 87. The galaxy velocities in the ABCG 87 region show the existence of subgroups, which all have an X-ray counterpart, and seem to be falling onto ABCG 85 along a filament almost perpendicular to the plane of the sky. To the west of ABCG 85, ABCG 89 appears as a significant galaxy density enhancement, but is barely detected at X-ray wavelengths. The galaxy velocities reveal that in fact this is not a cluster but two groups with very different velocities superimposed along the line of sight. These two groups appear to be located in intersecting sheets on opposite sides of a large bubble. These data and their interpretation reinforce the cosmological scenario in which matter, including galaxies, groups and gas, falls onto the cluster along a filament.

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