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Revised photometry and color distribution of type ia supernovae observed at asiago in the seventies

  • Patat, F.
  • Barbon, R.
  • Turatto, E.Cappellaro M.
Publication Date
May 01, 1996
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Following recent claims regarding possible errors in the photometry of SNe carried out at Asiago observatory during the 70's, which produced very blue $(B-V)$ color at maximum for some objects, we present the result of new CCD photometry of the sequences around 16 type Ia supernovae. Except for a few cases, e.g. SN1970J and SN1972J for which a large zero point error has been found, the new data show that the old Asiago observations have been carried out properly and that their accuracy was comparable to that expected for a photometry based on photographic transfers. This result is also substantiated by comparison with the re-calibration of some Asiago sequences made photo-electrically by Tsvetkov. New light curves of the SNe have been determined and B magnitudes and (B-V) colors at light peak derived. With the new data the color distribution of the SNe studied here becomes narrower and moves to the red by only 0.06 mag, showing no more very blue objects except for one, still uncertain, case. As far as the use of SNIa as standard candles is concerned, we show that the utilization of all SNe in the M$_B$ vs. (B-V)$^{max}_0$ plane reduces the uncertainties due to the photometry.

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