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A review on progress of lithium-rich manganese-based cathodes for lithium ion batteries

  • Ji, Xueqian
  • Xia, Qing
  • Xu, Yuxing
  • Feng, Hailan
  • Wang, Pengfei
  • Tan, Qiangqiang
Publication Date
Mar 01, 2021
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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With the increasing demand for energy, layered lithium-rich manganese-based (Li-rich Mn-based) materials have attracted extensive attention because of their high capacity and high voltage. However, the Li-rich Mn-based materials suffer from a series of problems of oxygen release, transition metal (TM) migration, and structural transformation, which results in serious voltage and capacity decay. In this review, the lithium storage mechanism of the materials is systematically and critically summarized, in terms of the electrochemical performance problems such as large initial irreversible capacity, voltage decay, voltage hysteresis, inferior cycling performance, and electrolyte corrosion. We also summarize in detail the various modifications conducted in recent years, including component improvement, coating, doping, and surface treatment. Lastly, challenges and perspectives on future research directions for the development of high performance Li-rich Mn-based materials are also presented and discussed.

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