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Return periods of water levels and significant wave heights and wave periods at the Outer Anchorage Chittagong, Bangladesh:

  • Bartels, A.H.M.
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Feb 01, 1981
TU Delft Repository
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Bangladesh has two ports catering to international shipping, i.e. Clalna and Chittagong. Chittagong is the countries main import harbour; industrial activities, needing deep water, are also mainly located in Chittagong. The development of the ports is greatly hampered by the limited depth of the entrances. The problem is aggravated by the trend of increasing ship sizes and also by the growth of trade which demands shipping in bulk, usually by large carriers. Pursued is a deep water port near Chittagong which can accomodate vessels up to 50,000 DWT (or larger when partly laden), with a draught of 38 ft. One solution to the problem is the construction of an outer harbour situated at the present Outer Anchorage Chittagong, protected by breakwaters.

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