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Rethinking Rectification: AC-DC Power Supply in Package

  • Pejtersen, Jens
  • Knott, Arnold
  • Jørgensen, Ivan Harald Holger
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2016
Online Research Database In Technology
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Rectification of AC mains voltage is almost exclusively implemented with passive diode bridge rectifiers for power applications below 100 W. The diode bridge rectifier is reliable, cost effective and easy to use. But it is also lossy, nonlinear and passive. Thus reducing the power conversion efficiency, while drawing high input peak current with a high harmonic content. Mitigating these non-idealities requires higher order EMI filters and a subsequent power factor correction stage. Advanced active rectifier topologies can mitigate all three non-idealities simultaneously while balancing power conversion efficiency, EMI filter size and power factor. A requirement for achieving increasing power density.

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