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Results from the Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign

  • Beth A, Biller
  • Michael C, Liu
  • Zahed, Wahhaj
  • Eric Nielsen
  • Thomas L, Hayward
  • Mark R, Chun
  • Laird M, Close
  • Christ, Ftaclas
  • Jared R, Males
  • Markus, Hartung
  • I N, Reid
  • Evgenya, Shkolnik
  • Andrew J, Skemer
  • Matthias, Tecza
  • Niranjan A, Thatte
  • Fraser, Clarke
  • Douglas, Toomey
Publication Date
Aug 06, 2014
SETI Institute


From 2008 December to 2012 September, the NICI (Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Imager at the Gemini-South 8.1-m) Planet-Finding Campaign (Liu et al. 2010) obtained deep, high-contrast AO imaging of a carefully selected sample of over 200 young, nearby stars. In the course of the campaign, we discovered four co-moving brown dwarf companions: PZ Tel B (36±6 M Jup, 16.4±1.0 AU), CD-35 2722B (31±8 M Jup, 67±4 AU), HD 1160B (33+ 12-9 M Jup, 81±AU), and HIP 79797Bb (55+ 20-19 M Jup, 3 AU from the ...

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