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The response of a neutron rem counter to thermal, to intermediate-energy, and to fast neutrons

  • Majborn, B.
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Jan 01, 1978
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A neutron recounter (Studsvik type 2202D) was calibrated at a number of neutron energies during a technical seminar on neutron dosimetry ii. radiation protection sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities and held at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. The rem counter was calibrated using<br/><br/>1) monoenergetic neutrons of eight different energies between 100 keV and 19 MeV produced by means of an accelerator, <br/>2) neutrons from three-Radioactive neutron sources (Ra-Be, Am-Be and <sup>252</sup>Cf), and<br/>3) a thermal-neutron beam and two filtered neutron beams (2 and 2k.3 keV, respectively) from a reactor. <br/>The results show that the sensitivity of the rem counter follows the "ICRP rem curve within about - 20 % at neutron energies between 250 keV and 5 MeV. However, at neutron energies below 100 keV and above 10 MeV the sensitivity deviates significantly from the "ICRP rem curve". When calibrated at, say, 1 MeV, the rem counter will overestimate the dose equivalent in radiation fields where a significant portion of the dose equivalent is due to neutrons of energies between<br/>100 eV and 100 keV, and it will underestimate the dose equivalent from thermal neutrons and from neutrons of energies above 10 MeV.

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