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Resonant subband Landau level coupling in symmetric quantum well

  • l. -c.), lc tung (tung
  • -g.), wu xg (wu x.
  • l. n.), ln pfeiffer (pfeiffer
  • k. w.), kw west (west
  • y. -j.), yj wang (wang
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Subband structure and depolarization shifts in an ultrahigh mobility GaAs/Al0.24Ga0.76As quantum well are studied using magnetoinfrared spectroscopy via resonant subband Landau level coupling. Resonant couplings between the first and up to the fourth subbands are identified by well-separated antilevel-crossing split resonance, while the hy-lying subbands were identified by the cyclotron resonance linewidth broadening in the literature. In addition, a forbidden intersubband transition (first to third) has been observed. With the precise determination of the subband structure, we find that the depolarization shift can be well described by the semiclassical slab plasma model and the possible origins for the forbidden transition are discussed.

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