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Resonance structure of S-32+n from measurements of neutron total and capture cross sections

  • Halperin, J.
  • Johnson, C.H.
  • Winters, R.R.
  • Macklin, R.L.
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1980
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.21.545
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Neutron total and capture cross sections of S32 have been measured up to 1100 keV neutron energy [Eexc(S33)=9700 keV]. Spin and parity assignments have been made for 28 of the 64 resonances found in this region. Values of total radiation widths, reduced neutron widths, level spacings, and neutron strength functions have been evaluated for s12, p12, p32, and d52 levels. Single particle contributions using the valency model account for a significant portion of the total radiation width only for the p12-wave resonances. A significant number of resonances can be identified with reported levels excited in S32(d,p) and Si29(α,n) reactions. A calculation of the Maxwellian average cross section appropriate to stellar interiors indicates an average capture cross section at 30 keV, σ¯≃4.2(2) mb, a result that is relatively insensitive to the assumed stellar temperature. Direct (potential) capture and the s-wave resonance capture contributions to the thermal capture cross section do not fully account for the reported thermal cross section (530 ± 40 mb) and a bound state is invoked to account for the discrepancy. NUCLEAR REACTIONS S32(n,n), En=25−1100 keV, S32(n,γ) En=2.5−1100 keV; measured σn,tot(E), σn,γ; deduced level properties, l, J, π, (E0,Γn,Γγ); calc avg properties: 〈DlJ〉, 〈SlJ〉 for l=0, 1, 2; calc single particle contribution to Γγ (Valency model); calc Maxwellian avg cross sections.

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