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Research in context : scientific production and researchers' experience in Jordan

  • Larzillière, Pénélope
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Jan 01, 2010
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Researching in Jordan is university-driven as in Lebanon. It is historically based on three public universities: Jordan University, Jordan University for Science and Technology and Yarmouk University. However, while recent development has seen the steady decline of scientific output at Yarmouk University, the more recently established public Hashemite University has increased its scientific output -particularly through its specialization in environmental sciences. Even if the national scientific authorities work more through incentives rather than development plans, an overlap between national priorities and research specializations can be observed. Indeed engineering, medicine and chemistry are especially important in Jordan, mainly through partnership with the USA or with regards chemistry, Germany. Gulf countries are a second important pole which attracts Jordanian professors to teaching, because of the high salaries they receive. However, it is too early to considerer it a brain drain since Jordanian professors only stay for one or two years before going back to Jordan. Moreover the Jordanian official policy actively promotes the exportation of skilled staff to help build its economy. However this situation may change if Gulf countries succeed in keeping this skilled workforce.

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