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Research collaboration between Europe and Latin America : mapping and understandig partnership

  • Gaillard, Jacques (ed.)
  • Arvanitis, Rigas (ed.)
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Jan 01, 2014
Horizon / Pleins textes
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International collaboration has become increasingly important in carrying out research activities. This book, written by a large group of scholars from Europe and Latin America, maps, analyses and discusses research collaboration between the two continents during the last twenty years. The empirical material underlines the richness and the variety of the links that bind the two continents, well beyond the simplified views of science, either as the brainchild of global networking or as a result of dependence. The book also develops an innovative methodological approach, combining bibliometric analysis, social surveying, in-depth interviews, and a careful analysis of research programmes and policies. While arguing that the asymmetry of relations that once existed in cooperation has turned into a more equal partnership between the two continents, it deciphers some of the reasons behind this more balanced cooperation. It also challenges the view of science as a global self-organising system through collective action at the level of researchers themselves. On the contrary, the importance of policy, institutions, and previously developed research is highlighted and recognised.

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