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Representations of the Poincare group on relativistic phase space

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We introduce a complex relativistic phase space as the space $\mathbb{C}^4$ equipped with the Minkowski metric and with a geometric tri-product on it. The geometric tri-product is similar to the triple product of the bounded symmetric domain of type IV in Cartan's classification, called the spin domain. We define a spin 1 representations of the Lie algebra of the Poincar\'{e} group by natural operators of this tri-product on the complex relativistic phase space. This representation is connected with the electromagnetic tensor. A spin 1/2 representation on the complex relativistic phase space is constructed be use of the complex Faraday electromagnetic tensor. We show that the Newman-Penrose basis for the phase space determines the Dirac bi-spinors under this representation. Quite remarkable that the tri-product representation admits only spin 1 and spin 1/2 representations which correspond to most particles of nature.

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