Report on Cosmic Dust Capture Research and Development for the Exobiology Program

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Report on Cosmic Dust Capture Research and Development for the Exobiology Program

  • Kenji, Nishioka
Publication Date
Oct 31, 1997
SETI Institute


Collaboration with Ames personnel was in: 1) grant administration, 2) intellectual science support, 3) collaboration with the University of Paris for the Mir flight experiment, and 4) arranging scanning and X-ray probe analytical support from UCB and SUNYP. LNIMS provided access to: 1) analytical research instruments, 2) chemical analyses support, 3) cleanroom facilities, and 4) design and fabrication expertise of hardware and electronics. They also supported the hypervelocity testing along with test data acquisition and its reduction for the breadboard instrument. A&M Associates provided technical expertise and support on determining the expected charges on orbital particles and a conceptual design for a breadboard particle charge detection sensor. University of California provided analytical support for the recovered Mir flight modules using their unique scanning capability to detect particle tracks in the aerogel. SUNYP, along with help from the University of Chicago, analyzed particle tracks found in the aerogel for biogenic compounds using an x-ray probe instrument. Dr. Schultz provided access to his experiments and the benefits of his considerable hyper-velocity testing expertise at the Ames hypervelocity gun facility, and this proved beneficial to our development testing, significantly reducing the test time and cost for the breadboard instrument development testing. The participants in this activity acknowledge and thank the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its Ames Research Center for providing the necessary support and resources to conduct this investigation on instrument technology for exobiology application and being able to acquire some interesting results. Primarily, the newly identified technology problems for future research are the important results of this research.

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