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Reply to "Comment on `Breakdown of the expansion of finite-size corrections to the hydrogen Lamb shift in moments of charge distribution'"

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.93.026502
arXiv ID: 1602.01978
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To comply with the critique of the Comment [J. Arrington, arXiv:1602.01461], we consider another modification of the proton electric form factor, which resolves the "proton-radius puzzle". The proposed modification satisfies all the consistency criteria put forward in the Comment, and yet has a similar impact on the puzzle as that of the original paper. Contrary to the concluding statement of the Comment, it is not difficult to find an ad hoc modification of the form factor at low $Q$ that resolves the discrepancy and is consistent with analyticity constraints. We emphasize once again that we do not consider such an ad hoc modification of the proton form factor to be a solution of the puzzle until a physical mechanism for it is found.

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