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A reflective Gaussian coronagraph for ExAO: laboratory performance

  • Ryeojin, Park
  • Laird M, Close
  • Nick, Siegler
  • Eric Nielsen
  • Thomas, Stalcup
Publication Date
Jun 13, 2006
SETI Institute


We report laboratory results of a coronagraphic testbed to assess the intensity reduction differences between a" Gaussian" tapered focal plane coronagraphic mask and a classical hard-edged" Top Hat" function mask at Extreme Adaptive Optics (ExAO) Strehl ratios of~ 94%. However, unlike a traditional coronagraph design, we insert a reflective focal plane mask at 45 o to the optical axis and used a" spot of Arago blocker"(axicon stop) before a final image in order to block additional mask edge-diffracted light. The testbed simulates ...

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