How to reduce bacterial infections at school?

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How to reduce bacterial infections at school?

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Mar 29, 2015


"Our project’s aim was to analyse bacterial survival on different types of materials like plastic, glass and wood to improve hygiene in schools or other public buildings. Our hypothesis were that bacteria will be soaked up by wood, which will reduce their ability to survive and that bacteria can be found mostly on placed touched by many people. Therefore we started our project by taking samples with cotton swipes in contaminated places in our school and added those germs on Agar growth medium plates, which stood for 5 days in an incubator by 38 degrees Celsius. Our results showed that most germs could be found on chairs, computer keyboards, outdoor doorframes, library books and dustbin lids. Next we analysed the survival of Micrococcus luteus on different materials (woods: oak wood, OSB (oriented strand board), desks, chairs, keyboards, glass). Our results showed that the bacteria’s survival was the highest on the chair and the desk out of plastic. On the other materials, only few colonies of bacteria grew on our Agar plates."

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