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Recovery of Haemophilus influenzae from twenty-three blood culture media.

  • R F Schell
  • J L Le Frock
  • J P Babu
  • D B Robinson
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1979


Haemophilus influenzae is an important agent of bacteremia and has fastidious growth requirements. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the ability of commercial blood culture media to support the growth of this fastidious microorganism. Twenty-three types of blood culture media were inoculated with individual suspensions of eight strains of H. influenzae in the presence or absence of an erythrocyte-serum mixture. The rates of recovery of the H. influenzae strains from the various types of blood culture media were compared. The results demonstrated that the type of medium, the manufacturer, the erythrocyte-serum mixture, and the strain of H. influenzae influenced the recovery rates of H. influenzae. Optimal recovery of the strains of H. influenzae was obtained from brain heart infustion blood culture medium (GIBCO). Trypic soy broth (GIBCO) and supplemental peptone of Becton, Dickinson and Co. also were found to be superior to the remaining types of media tested for the recovery of H. influenzae.

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