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Reconstructing the Sedimentology and Depositional Setting of the Margin Unit, Jezero Crater

  • Gupta, Sanjeev
  • Barnes, Robert
  • Paar, Gerhard
  • Stack, Kathryn
  • Garzcynski, Brad
  • Williams, Rebecca M.E.
  • Bell, James F.
  • Maki, Justin
  • Holm-Alwmark, Sanna
  • Ravanis, Eleni
  • Calef, Fred J.
  • Williford, Kenneth H.
  • Vaughan, Alicia
  • Gwizd, Samantha
  • Tate, Christian
  • Klidaras, Athanasios
  • Farley, Kenneth A.
  • Randazzo, Nicolas
  • Schmitz, Nicole
  • Caravaca, Gwénaël
  • And 1 more
Publication Date
Mar 11, 2024
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The Margin Unit of Jezero crater is an olivine- and carbonate-rich geologic unit stratigraphically underlying the Jezero Western fan, tracing the inner margin of the western crater rim, and is of significant astrobiological interest [1]. However, the origin of the Margin Unit is uncertain. The distribution of the unit around the inner margin of the crater rim and its strong orbital carbonate signature led to one interpretation of the Margin Unit as a lake shore precipitate [1] either coeval with, or predating, the Western fan [2]. Alternate hypotheses include fluviolacustrine or aeolian [3], or part of a regional carbonatized lava flow or pyroclastic deposit [4-6]. Here, we report on Perseverance rover observations of the sedimentology and 3D architecture of the Margin Unit explored between sols 910 – 1028, with the objective of characterizing the unit and understanding its emplacement/depositional processes.

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