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Receptor (CD46) modulation and complement-mediated lysis of uninfected cells after contact with measles virus-infected cells.

  • J Schneider-Schaulies
  • J J Schnorr
  • J Schlender
  • L M Dunster
  • S Schneider-Schaulies
  • V ter Meulen
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1996


Recently, it has been observed that the infection of human target cells with certain measles virus (MV) strains leads to the downregulation of the major MV receptor CD46. Here we report that CD46 downregulation can be rapidly induced in uninfected cells after surface contact with MV particles or MV-infected cells. Receptor modulation is detectable after 30 min of cocultivation of uninfected cells with MV-infected cells and is complete after 2 to 4 h, a time after which newly synthesized MV hemagglutinin (MV-H) cannot be detected in freshly infected target cells. This contact-mediated receptor modulation is also induced by recombinant MV-H expressed by vaccinia virus and is inhibitable with antibodies against CD46 and MV-H. By titrating the effect with MV Edmonston strain-infected cells, a significant contact-mediated CD46 modulation was detectable up to a ratio of 1 infected to 64 uninfected cells. As a result of CD46 downregulation, an increased susceptibility of uninfected cells for complement-mediated lysis was observed. This phenomenon, however, is MV strain dependent, as observed for the downregulation of CD46 after MV infection. These data suggest that in acute measles or following measles vaccination, uninfected cells might also be destroyed by complement after contacting an MV-infected cell.

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